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Every breath matters

During respiratory depression states, oxygenation and ventilation will prevent hypoxemia, hypercarbia, cerebral anoxia and death.

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The Mask Ventilation Grip will:

  • Assist the inexperienced for proper mask seal and hand placement while anteriorizing the mandible
  • Aid the practitioner with small hands to create a mask seal
  • Aid the practitioner with patient anatomical challenges to mask ventilation

About the device:

In attending many CPR events, I noticed the deficiency of hospital staff with proper Bag-mask-ventilation technique. Without proper technique, patients become acidotic and hypoxemic making positive outcomes while performing CPR more challenging.

This innovative device to be used as an adjunct to most commercially available face mask to assist the practitioner with mask ventilation.

I believe the device can help with the following:

  1. Reduces learning curve with the inexperienced while forcing the practitioner to hold the wings with their palm and/or thenar eminence while grabbing the mandible allowing anterior advancement and proper mask positioning
  2. Helps create a better mask seal for practitioners with small hands
  3. Helps create a better mask seal for patients with large faces / beards
  4. A disposable adjunct that can fit over any face mask for bag-Mask ventilation
  5. Universally adaptable for Emergency services, CPR and Anesthesiology services.

CPR ventilation made easy

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Dr. Gerald Rosen is the founding Program Director of the Mount Sinai Medical Center Anesthesiology Residency Program. Dr. Rosen is a board-certified anesthesiologist specializing in cardiovascular anesthesiology, post-operative care and education in anesthesiology. Dr. Rosen also provides a broad range of anesthesia including regional anesthestic techniques utilizing ultrasound for both obstetric and orthopedic procedures.
Dr. Rosen earned a degree from the College of Letters and Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He attended Wayne State University School of Medicine achieving a Master’s degree in Medical Science (Thesis on Acute Renal Failure). Dr. Rosen received his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine leading to an anesthesiology residency position at the University of South Florida (USF). While at the USF, Dr. Rosen became chief resident and developed appreciation for teaching and involvement with scholarly activity.
Dr. Rosen completed his training in 2003 and joined Miami Beach Anesthesiology Associates (MBAA) at Mount Sinai Medical Center. During his tenure, he has been the director of education and has earned clinical faculty positions with both University of Miami/Jackson Memorial hospital Department of Anesthesiology and Florida International University School of Medicine. Additionally, at Florida International University(FIU), Dr. Rosen is a clinical faculty with the Department of Nurse Anesthesia.


Teaching basic airway management skills has become my passion. Learning to mask ventilate precedes the skill to intubate. Mask ventilation requires lots of practice and is technically challenging. I recognized that many of anesthesia providers are either new providers and/or have small hands. They both struggle to maintain an adequate mask seal with mask ventilation. Mask ventilation difficulties arise from either provider and/or patient anatomical challenges.


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